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Frequently Asked Questions

How many customers does Ohio Edison serve?

Forgot Username or Password? Ohio Edison serves more than 1 million customers in northeast and north central Ohio. How can we help you today? Can you identify a scam? Link to Need help with bills?

Where is Ohio Edison located in Ohio?

Ohio Edison serves an area of northeast Ohio along Lake Erie and central Ohio. Cities served includes Akron and surrounding areas, Youngstown, Elyria, Mansfield, and Ashland.

How can Ohio Edison help you save energy?

The Ohio Edison website is packed with ideas for saving energy, as well as incentive programs like the Easy Cool Rewards program that helps utility customers get free programmable thermostats to help lower their electricity bills. Their home energy analyzer can give electricity customers even more tips for reducing electricity usage.

Can I switch electricity suppliers in Ohio Edison?

If you have Ohio Edison for your electricity supplier, you will be served on the Standard Service Offer rate. This rate can change quarterly based on Ohio Edison’s procurement of power. Or, you can switch to a Competitive Retail Electricity Supplier, or CRES.

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