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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ohio Edison owned by FirstEnergy?

Ohio Edison provides electricity transmission and distribution to the northeast and central Ohio regions. Ohio Edison is operated by FirstEnergy Corp (NYSE: FE), one of the nation’s largest electricity operators with 6,000,000 customers.

How much does first energy charge per kWh in Ohio?

First Energy Ohio Edison Price to Compare Ohio Edison’s residential ‘Price to Compare’ for the generation supply portion of your bill for the period of July 1, 2021 until August 31, 2021 is $.060087/kWh. This is the rate you will pay for electric generation if you do not switch to an alternative electricity supplier.

How can Ohio Edison help you save energy?

The Ohio Edison website is packed with ideas for saving energy, as well as incentive programs like the Easy Cool Rewards program that helps utility customers get free programmable thermostats to help lower their electricity bills. Their home energy analyzer can give electricity customers even more tips for reducing electricity usage.

What is the phone number for Ohio Edison?

Phone Operating Company Contact Number Ohio Edison 1-800-633-4766 The Illuminating Company 1-800-589-3101 Toledo Edison 1-800-447-3333 Met-Ed 1-800-545-7741 6 more rows ...

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