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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FirstEnergy offering free energy conservation kits?

FirstEnergy Corp. is offering residential customers free Energy Conservation Kits. The kits offer tips on saving energy and an assortment of energy-efficiency items that can help customers save energy and reduce water usage.

How many customers does Ohio Edison serve?

Forgot Username or Password? Ohio Edison serves more than 1 million customers in northeast and north central Ohio. How can we help you today? Can you identify a scam? Link to Need help with bills?

What information do I need to order an energy-efficiency kit?

Customers will need their utility account number to order a kit. FirstEnergy plans to offer customers additional energy-efficiency programs, including Home Energy Audits and incentives on HVAC equipment and upgrades, in the coming months. To learn more about First-Energy's programs, visit

Who can sign up for FirstEnergy's LED light kit?

Residential customers of FirstEnergy's Ohio utilities (Ohio Edison, Toledo Edison and the Illuminating Company) can sign up for the kits, which include LED light bulbs in various wattages, a three-way compact fluorescent light bulb, LED night lights, a furnace filter whistle and additional energy-saving components.

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