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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ohio Edison phone number?

Phone Number of Ohio Edison Electric is +1-888-544-4877 . Ohio Edison is one of the divisions of First Energy to provide electric services in Ohio.

Is first Energy Ohio Edison?

Phone Number of Ohio Edison First Energy is +1-800-633-4766 . Ohio Edison is a power utility service provider in Ohio state. The company is regulated under FirstEnergy Corporation, a prestigious name in the United States and quite prevalent for electric utility.

Where is Edison Electric?

Edison Electric Co., Inc. is one of Tulsa's leading residential, commerical, and industrial electric contracting companies. Edison has been providing quality electrical services to local builders, residences and businesses in the Tulsa metropolitan area and surrounding communities for more than 35 years.

Is Toledo Edison Electric?

Toledo Edison is now only in the business of delivering electricity to their customers at delivery charges (distribution rates) that are regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. Toledo Edison does not profit from the supply charges (generation) of the electricity bill.

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