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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you register a business in Ohio?

Starting a Business. 1. First, register with the Ohio Secretary of State. Registration information as well as forms are available online or at (877) SOS-FILE. 2. Contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Additional information and an online application are available at - seach "EIN.".

What is the Ohio Business Gateway?

Service Description. The Ohio Business Gateway (OBG) offers Ohio's businesses a time and money saving online filing and payment system that simplifies business' relationships with government agencies. Ohio businesses can use OBG to access various services and electronically submit transactions and payments with many state agencies.

What is login page?

Login Page is the page where you can get authenticated before the access of the application. Web Application is the interface to the main server and you can access the application through web browser. Before accessing the secured part of the application you must authenticate yourself with the website by providing your username and password.

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