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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ohio Business Gateway?

Ohio Business Gateway Save time and money by filing taxes and other transactions with the State of Ohio online. Ohio businesses can use the Ohio Business Gateway to access various services and submit transactions and payments with many state agencies — such as: Register for a vendor's license

What is ohiogateway?

Gateway services offer Ohio's businesses a time- and money-saving online filing and payment system that helps simplify business' relationship with government agencies. The Gateway also partners with local governments to enable businesses to file and pay selected Ohio municipal income taxes.

How do I get help with the Ohio State Gateway?

For tips and step-by-step instructions for logging in and getting started using the Gateway, see how to get started and frequently asked questions. If you need assistance with the Gateway, call the Gateway Help Desk at 866-OHIO-GOV (866-644-6468) or put in a ticket online.

Where can I find information about business taxes in Ohio?

Services for business income (net profits) taxes and employer withholding taxes are available by logging in at Additional information and help on all of the Gateway’s electronic filing services can be found here (

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