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Frequently Asked Questions

What the requirements for becoming a CNA in Ohio are?

In Ohio, you can train to become a CNA at a 2-year or less-than-2-year, public school. Nursing assistant programs require a month of study time, which often translates into 80 to 92 hours of training. Your curriculum will be divided between classroom sessions, where you learn theoretical topics, and clinical hours where you put your training ...

How many CEUs for nurses Ohio?

How many CEUS do Ohio Nurses need? A: Each person licensed as an RN or LPN in Ohio must complete twenty -four (24) contact hours of CE during each licensure period to renew a license. A nurse who has been licensed by endorsement for less than or equal to one (1) year must complete twelve (12) contact hours.

How to undergo the Ohio Board of Nursing disciplinary process?

complaint form should be mailed to the Ohio Board of Nursing at 17 S. High Street, Suite 660, Columbus, Ohio, 43215-3466 or by facsimile (fax) at (614) 995-3685. Members of the public are not required to provide their name.

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