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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours are required for CNA renewal?

Renewal by Continuous Learning. The vast majority of CNA-certified nurses renew their credential through the CL option, which requires you to accumulate 100 CL hours related to your nursing practice specialty over the five-year term. Read our important dates to learn when you can renew your specialty certification.

How do you renew nursing license in Ohio?

[email protected] and include a brief description of the issue, your first and last name, telephone number, email address, and license number, if you have it. • Email [email protected] Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in making renewal a success. TO RENEW CLICK HERE

How to renew RN license Ohio?

Ohio nursing licenses renew every two years, with a renewal fee of $65. To renew your Ohio nurse license, RNs must complete at least 24 CE hours. Ohio Nurse License Verification. For information pertaining to your Ohio nurse license verification, go to the eLicense Center website or contact the Ohio Board of Nursing directly.

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