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Frequently Asked Questions

What the requirements for becoming a CNA in Ohio are?

Becoming a CNA in Ohio The first step in becoming a CNA in Ohio is to complete a program that meets the state's training and education requirements. ... In Ohio, one must complete a course that fulfills the minimum requirement of 75 hours. After the Training is Complete

How do you renew nursing license in Ohio?

To renew your license, you should have been sent information by mail that will allow you to renew your license on-line. If you have not received renewal information, you can contact the Nursing Board at [email protected] and you will be mailed a paper renewal form.

How many hours are required for CNA renewal?

Most states require practice of 24 hours as a CNA over the past two years in order to renew a CNA license. A CNA requires to work for a set number of hours as a paid CNA to fulfill the certified nurse aide renewal requirements.

How much does it cost to renew a license in Ohio?

Submit payment for the $27.25 renewal fee. See " Fees to Renew Your Ohio Driver's License " below for accepted payment methods. NOTE: If you have changed your name since you last renewed your driver's license, you will be required to bring additional documentation.

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