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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you look up a RN license in Ohio?

To access online RN verification for Ohio visit the Ohio Board of Nursing website. To lookup an RN license using the Ohio eLicense Search Tool , enter the first and last name, city and state or license number into the form. Any of these combinations will provide you with license and disciplinary records for the Registered Nurse you are searching.

How do I get my Ohio nursing license?

How to Get an Ohio Nurse License. Prospective RNs must enroll in a nursing program that has been approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing, in addition to completing the NCLEX-RN examination. All licensure and certification applications must be completed online via the state’s “” website. To apply for your state...

How do I get a CPA license in Ohio?

To qualify for a CPA license in Ohio, candidates must complete a 150-hour program of education that includes the award of at least an associate’s degree. The education program must include either 30 semester hours in accounting total or 24 semester hours in accounting above the introductory level.

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