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Frequently Asked Questions

How many CEUs for nurses Ohio?

Each person licensed as a registered nurse (RN) in Ohio must complete twenty-four (24) contact hours of continuing education during each licensure period. At least one (1) of the required contact hours must be related to Chapter 4723 of the Ohio nurse practice code and rules (Category A).

What is the scope of Nursing Practice in Ohio?

The Ohio Board of Nursing has developed a Scope of Practice Decision-Making Model to help nurses determine whether a task is within their scope of practice. The model uses a decision tree with references and is based on legality, competency, safety, and accountability.

What is the Ohio State Board of Nursing?

The Ohio Board of Nursing is the regulatory board and an agency of state government that was set up by means of the enactment by the Ohio General Assembly. Its mission is to uphold the health of the public through effective regulation of nursing care.

What is a nurse practice act?

The Nurse Practice Act (NPA) defines the scope of practice specific to a registered nurse, a licensed practical nurse, an advanced nurse practitioner and a nurse anesthetist. It represents all laws that regulate a nurse’s scope of practice in the state or states of America in which she (or he) is licensed to work.

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