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Frequently Asked Questions

When to request a permit inspection in New York City?

You should request inspections only when the installation and/or construction complies with the New York City Construction Codes and all applicable rules, regulations, and standards, and when the installation and/or construction is complete for this permit work type and is ready for a final inspection by the Department.

How often do New York City restaurants get inspected?

Every restaurant in New York City is scheduled for an unannounced inspection at least once a year. During the inspection, an inspector checks for compliance with city and state food safety regulations and marks points for any condition that violates these rules.

How do I request a building inspection?

Request an Inspection 1. Navigate to the DOB NOW: Inspectionslogin page from the Department of Buildings’ website. 2. Enter your DOB NOW: Inspections User Name and Password and click Login.

How do I request an inspection through DOB now?

In accordance with the technology enhancements outlined in our Building One City Plan, the Department launched DOB NOW: Inspections, our new online inspection request and routing system, on December 7, 2015. In order to request inspections, you are required to register for an account.

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