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Frequently Asked Questions

Does $NVDA keep going down even on an earnings beat?

$NVDA I think this keeps going down even on an earnings beat. It had a heck of a run just based on a stock split. Earnings should be baked in.

Should you buy Nvidia stock before earnings?

This iron condor trade on Nvidia stock has the potential to return 35% if the stock price stabilizes and implied volatility drops. Bank of America's analyst -- and three others -- are growing more enthusiastic about the chipmaker. Nvidia Stock Gets a 49% Price Target Boost Before Earnings.

Is Nvidia a'top semi supplier'?

Though the supply crunch creates pressure for the chip industry, Schafer argued that Nvidia is a "top semi supplier," making it "better positioned to secure capacity." For Nvidia's fiscal third quarter, he expects the gaming business to be up 3% sequentially as "demand continues to outpace supply.

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