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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the plugins authenticate to NuGet?

The plugins should use device flow to authenticate. The plugin can send log messages to NuGet with instructions to the user. Note that logging is available after the log level has been set to the plugin. NuGet will not take any interactive input from the command line.

When to use nugetauthenticate against a feed?

The aforementioned NugetAuthenticate task can be used as is if you need to authenticate to feeds that belong to the very same organization. A different scenario happens when you want to use nuget against an authenticated feed that resides somewhere else (different organization, MyGet or other provider).

When should I run the nugetauthenticate task?

The NuGetAuthenticate task is the recommended way to use authenticated feeds within a pipeline. When in my pipeline should I run this task? This task must run before you use a NuGet tool to restore or push packages to an authenticated package source such as Azure Artifacts. There are no other ordering requirements.

How to add the NuGet authenticate task to the pipeline?

If you only want to add the NuGet Authenticate task you can run the script with a "-Task NuGetAuthenticateV0". If the script ran successfully you can now add the auth task to your pipeline.

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