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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the national security personnel system (NSPS)?

National Security Personnel System. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The National Security Personnel System (NSPS) was a pay for performance pay system created in 2004-5 under authorization by Congress for the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and implemented in mid-2006.

Who developed NSPS?

Occasional Papers • Number 1 NSPS employees to NSPS by October 2004, focusing primarily on white-collar employees. Rumsfeld and Chu set the tempo. With an emphasis on a speedy rollout and a desire to create the most transformational system possible, OSD developed NSPS

What can NSPS do for You?

Occasional Papers • Number 1 NSPS could craft a more flexible system that could compete with businesses for the best employees. Many of these ideas would be put into action during the presidency of George W. Bush.16 The Cabinet Secretary as CEO

What does NSPS PEO stand for?

NSPS PEO, Potential Options for the National Security Personnel System Human Resource Management System Presented to Department of Defense Unions, 2 Sep 2004, box 6, NSPS Initiative, OSD/HO; England interview, 4 Jun 2009, 16–17, 56; AFGE, “DOD’s Conceptual Destruction of Collective Bargaining,” 6 Feb 2004, <http://

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