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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NP mean in medical?

Medical Definition of Nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioner: A registered nurse (RN) who has completed an advanced training program in a medical specialty, such as pediatric care. Abbreviated NP. An NP may be a primary, direct health care provider, and can prescribe medications. Some NPs work in research rather than in direct patient care.

Is a NP a licensed independent practitioner?

An NP is considered an independent practitioner, although some states require an NP to have written collaborative agreement to practice or impose prescribing limits. PAs are usually employed by a health system or a physician, as a licensed physician must supervise the work of a PA.

What is P vs NP?

The P versus NP problem is the determination of whether all NP-problems are actually P-problems. If P and NP are not equivalent, then the solution of NP-problems requires (in the worst case) an exhaustive search, while if they are, then asymptotically faster algorithms may exist.

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