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Frequently Asked Questions

What is notes INI file in Lotus Notes?

What is Notes.ini File in Lotus Notes? Notes.ini file is IBM Lotus Notes is basically a configuration file which consists of bulk client configuration in it. One can open this file in text editor and edit the file.

Where can I find information about other notes Ini settings?

Current information about other NOTES.INI settings can be found in the Notes.ini category of the Notes® and Domino wiki.

Where is notesini file in Lotus Notes on Mac?

Notes.ini location in Mac is not same as it is in Windows operating system. Instead, Notes.ini file in Lotus Notes is present as a preference file. The file is also hidden in Mac OS. To unhide the file, follow below steps:

How to change settings in notes?

Click on Notes.ini Settings tab to make the settings in the file. A list of current settings will be visible in server's Notes.ini file. Click on Set/Modify Parameters to see all the settings you can set in the document. You need to select the settings to add from the list.

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