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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you say thank you in Spain?

Con gracias anticipadas is the best way to say thank you in advance in Spanish. The word con means with. The word gracias, which you already know this, means thank you in Spanish. The word anticipadas, which you can probably figure out on your own, means to anticipate.

What is a nota in Spanish?

More: Spanish to English translation of nota (n.) = note ; notice ; notification ; N.B. (latín - nota bene) ; cover note ; written note ; chit ; chitty. Ex: An annotation is a note added to the title and/or other bibliographic information concerning a document, by way of comment or explanation.

What is the letter N in Spanish?

In Spanish, a tilde atop the letter "n" forms a separate letter - eñe ("ñ"). If your business produces documents in Spanish or delivers Spanish presentations, you may need to use the letter eñe to type such common words as "mañana," "año," "campaña" or "Español.".

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