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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the notary rotary PDF page sorter for letter/legal?

The Notary Rotary PDF Page Sorter for Letter/Legal was designed for notaries having laser printers that lack multiple paper trays. The purpose is to sort a PDF document containing mixed letter and legal pages into two separate piles - one for letter, one for legal - to ease the burden of printing loan documents.

What is notarynotary rotary™?

Notary Rotary™ is a trademark of Notary Rotary. Copyright © 2002-2021, Notary Rotary, Inc. All rights reserved. 500 New York Ave, Des Moines, IA 50313.

Why do I need a page separator?

Or, worse, after you've learned your equipment you may have a malfunction and need to get docs printed asap. This is why you should consider having Page Separator as a backup or a starting piece of your notary career. Knowing how to use it as well is very important.

How much does it cost to join notary rotary?

Basic Membership with Notary Rotary is free and is recommended for notaries who perform notarial duties for their employers. Premier Membership is recommended for professional notaries public, who are generally working as loan signing agents.

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