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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rescission period for a loan in 2021?

January 2021 - December 2021 This useful one-year calendar makes it easy to determine the borrower's rescission period. Easy to read, the calendar includes the 10 federal legal holidays and clearly indicates when the borrower's three business days to cancel a loan expires.

Where can I find a 2022 rescission calendar for loan documents?

A 2022 rescission calendar to help Notary Signing Agents calculate cancellation periods for loan documents is now available online from the NNA. For many loan signings handled by Signing Agents, a borrower is given the option of 3 business days to cancel, starting with the next business day after the loan papers are signed.

How is the 2021 California notary practice exam graded?

We do our best to make this 2021 California Notary Practice exam mirror the real thing in every way. This is a 45 question randomized test. Once you press start a 1 hour timer will begin. 70% is a passing score and after completion of the practice exam you will get a percentage score and see all the questions graded.

Does the rescission period affect a loan document signing?

Since every day except Sunday and certain federal holidays is considered a business day, a loan document signing that takes place on or near a weekend or federal holiday may have its rescission period affected as a result.

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