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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the MCAA Conference?

This conference is designed to provide MCAA affiliated association executives with best practices education that empowers them to better serve their board and contractor members. Foremen and other supervisory-level field personnel have an opportunity to understand what their employers expect and what they should be doing as leaders.

Why attend MCAA and ncpwb?

Enjoy MCAA's premier event with an abundance of educational workshops, riveting special sessions, outstanding exhibits, and social functions that never fail to amaze and delight. The NCPWB Technical Conference highlights the latest in welding education and technology.

When should I submit my application to the MCAA for 2022?

Applications should be returned no later than January 14, 2022. Candidates and their spokespersons will be scheduled for interviews at the 2022 MCAA Annual Convention. Those who are selected will begin their terms in March 2022.

What is the MCAA Institute for project management?

If you're a project manager, the MCAA Institute for Project Management (IPM) is the intensive, in-depth training in the fundamentals of project management and the essentials of managing-for-profit you've been searching for.

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