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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I insure a salvage car in New Jersey?

Assign your title certificate to your insurer in order to obtain the company's sales tax-satisfied stamp. Have your insurer fill out the MVC Insurance Listing Sheet (Form BA-28), which must include important information regarding the vehicle in question. ... Satisfy any liens, if applicable. More items...

What do I need to register my car in NJ?

In order to register your vehicle with the NJ MVC, you'll need to be able to provide the vehicle title, proof of insurance, your Social Security number, an odometer reading, and payment for your registration fee and sales tax. If you are a new resident to the state, you'll also need to have your car inspected after you register.

Can you sell a car that isn't inspected?

You can usually sell your car to any adult willing to purchase the vehicle for a price you negotiate. The lack of a current state inspection sticker shouldn't prohibit you from selling the vehicle as long as you make the buyer aware of the expired sticker.

Do you need insurance car for a car inspection?

#1 - Do you need insurance to get a car inspected? Yes. If you live in a state that requires inspection before driving on the road, car insurance companies will need the car inspection report for you to keep specific discounts. Car insurance may be one of the requirements for passing the inspection, also. #2 - What is an insurance inspection?

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