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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is nihilo concepts?

Nihilo Concepts began in 2000 with a group of Motocross enthusiasts both young and old that had a passion for the sport and the ability to design and make innovative billet products that would improve the performance and appearance of their machines.

Why choose nihilo concepts for your dirt bike?

See our wide selection of dirt bike accessories. Nihilo Concepts tools make it that much easier to work on your bike. We take pride in the Made in the USA label and will never divert from the philosophy of making it ourselves to assure it will be the best it can be.

What is nihilo frame tape?

The original frame tape designed to give the serious rider added grip every time out. Nihilo titanium products are as good as it gets. Made from the strongest grades of Ti to give you optimal performance and durability. Take a look at our entire line of products for the body of your bike.

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