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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ngetal the same as Reed?

The reed is the most commonly associated plant to this thirteenth letter, Ngetal. The Ogham Tract [i] lists Ngetal as either the broom or the fern –and not as the reed- so this letter often causes confusion. It seems to have been Robert Graves that left us with the association of Ngetal to Reed Grass.

What is the meaning of ngetal?

“Ngetal is the month when the terrible roar of breakers and the snarling noise of pebbles on the Atlantic seaboard fill the heart with terror, and when the wind whistles dismally through the reed-beds of the rivers. In Ireland the roaring of the sea was held to be prophetic of a king’s death.” – Robert Graves (The White Goddess)

Where is the Angel Oak Tree?

It is a southern live oak located in Angel Oak Park, on Johns Island SC. For those visiting Kiawah or Seabrook islands, you will drive right past the Angel Oak.

How does the Salvation Army Angel Tree work?

The Salvation Army Angel Tree program helps provide Christmas gifts for hundreds of thousands of children around the country each year. Once a child or senior adult has been registered and accepted as an Angel their Christmas wish list is shared with donors in your community who purchase gifts of new clothing and toys.

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