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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ogham Reed?

Reed – introduction to Ogham. It is widely believed in academic circles that reed is a modern, neo-pagan introduction to the Ogham, much like the tree calendar itself. It was first promoted as an Ogham by Robert Graves in his book The White Goddess. However, the reed’s importance to Celtic life and folklore are indisputable. Reed gained...

What is the Reed of ngetal?

Ngetal, the reed, the thirteenth few of the Ogham, is the teacher that always was and always will be. It grows just beyond the shore, and in doing so, exists partially in one world, and partially in the next. “The basket greatly resembles in its functions a ‘portable cauldron’ and leads, like it, in the development of the Grail…

What is the meaning of ngetal?

“Ngetal is the month when the terrible roar of breakers and the snarling noise of pebbles on the Atlantic seaboard fill the heart with terror, and when the wind whistles dismally through the reed-beds of the rivers. In Ireland the roaring of the sea was held to be prophetic of a king’s death.” – Robert Graves (The White Goddess)

Which Ogham plants do not grow as wood?

Ngetal, whether reed, rush or wheat, is the only Ogham plant which does not grow as a wood (even the ivy, bramble and gorse have hard woody stems). Reeds, which are ready for cutting in November (12th Lunar month), have huge, strong roots that bind the soil along banks together. The roots are sugary and were once used as cattle fodder.

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