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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of intake manifold does a Ford 289 have?

This 289 2X4V intake manifold is exactly as sold by Ford through its original High Performance Parts catalog. It has Holley carburetor bolt patterns and improved port designs to deliver significant power increases over the original stock unit.

What does EFI intake manifold kit include?

EFI Intake Manifold Kit, Track Heat®, Upper and Lower Included, Black Powdercoat, Aluminum, Ford 5.0L, Each Need It Sooner?

What is the size of a Super Victor EFI intake manifold?

Intake Manifold, Super Victor EFI, Aluminum, Multi-Port, Fits 8.2 in. Deck Height Only, Ford, 5.0L, Each EFI Intake Manifold Kit, StreetBurner®, Upper/Lower Included, Silver Powdercoat, Aluminum, Ford 5.0L, Each

What is a 4V 302 intake pattern?

The original 1960s 4V 302 intake patterns were also used to make the Cobra 4V intakes and a Tiger 4V intake. These were all the same casting with the name changed. With the Tiger logo cast into the name plate area.

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