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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best fantasy football PPR players 2021?

Fantasy Football PPR Rankings (2021) Rank Name Team Bye 1. Christian McCaffrey CAR 13 2. Dalvin Cook MIN 7 3. Alvin Kamara NO 6 4. Derrick Henry TEN 13 70 more rows ...

When will fantasy football rankings be updated for the 2021 season?

Our rankings will be updated often as approach September 9th, when we’ll kick off the 2021 NFL season with the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers facing off on Thursday Night Football. Be sure to check back as you work your way through fantasy football drafts.

Does PPR scoring affect player productivity in fantasy football?

However, for those that play in point-per-reception scoring formats, there can be a big edge gained by playing those who, even if they lack efficiency, have an opportunity for a high target volume. Let’s take a look at 2020 fantasy football finishes, and how big a difference PPR scoring may have affected player productivity for fantasy football.

Who is the best RB in fantasy football 2020?

Top 200 - PPR Fantasy Football Rankings (2020) 1. Christian McCaffrey. RB. CAR. 13. 2. Ezekiel Elliott. RB. DAL. 10. 3. Derrick Henry. RB. TEN. 4. 4. Alvin Kamara. RB. NO. 6. 5. Pat Mahomes. QB. KC. 10.

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