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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Newsweek a newspaper, a journal or a magazine?

Newsweek is an American weekly news magazine founded in 1933. It was a widely distributed newsweekly through the 20th century, with many notable editors-in-chief throughout the years. Newsweek was acquired by The Washington Post Company in 1961, under whose ownership it remained until 2010.

Is Newsweek a credible news source?

Generally, story selection favors the Left and Newsweek takes a strong anti-Trump stance. Newsweek typically sources their information to credible sources such as the Washington Post, but has also published misleading or false information.

Is 'news of the week' a real magazine?

However, the show's magazine, News of the Week, is fake, even though it sounds a lot like News of the World, which is a real paper — but not the one featured in the book. Long story short: News of the Week isn't real, but its fictionalized version of the true Newsweek story will be told in the drama.

How do I cancel my Newsweek subscription?

The Basics: How to Cancel Your Subscription to The Newsweek Magazine. Be sure to request that a representative follow up with you by phone to confirm the cancellation. Ask for an emailed confirmation as well. To cancel by email or for additional support, email [email protected] Pro Tip: √ When you cancel your subscription to Newsweek,...

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