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Frequently Asked Questions

How many votes did Gavin Newsom get in the recall?

13.12018 14Historical gubernatorial recalls 15See also 16External links 17Footnotes Candidates and election results Gavin Newsom yes/no recall question Gavin Newsom recall, 2021 Gavin Newsomwon the Governor of California recall election on September 14, 2021. Recall  Vote Votes Yes 38.1 4,894,473 No 61.9 7,944,092 Total Votes 12,838,565

Who is against the recall of California Governor Newsom?

Caregivers & Californians United Against the Recall of Governor Newsom, Sponsored by the National Union of Healthcare Workers $2,350.00 September 12, 2021 National Union of Healthcare Workers Issues Committee for Quality $3,650.00

Is Gavin Newsom running for re-election?

Incumbent Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom is running for re-election to a second term after surviving a recall election in 2021, during his first term.

Why didn't Newsom add his party affiliation to the recall ballot?

Newsom filed the lawsuit against Secretary of State Shirley Weber(D) seeking to add his party affiliation to the recall ballot on June 28. Weber cited Newsom's February 2020 response to the recall petition, in which he did not file a party preference form, as the reason for leaving the party affiliation off of the recall ballot.

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