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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a recall in US history?

Recall is a procedure that allows citizens to remove and replace a public official before the end of a term of office. Historically, recall has been used most frequently at the local level. By some estimates, three-fourths of recall elections are at the city council or school board level.

What is a recall petition?

Recall an Elected Official. A petition for recall is limited to the request that an election be called and held in the voting area for the purpose of recalling a public officer.

How does political recall work?

A political recall is the process by which a public official is removed from office before his or her term is over. The recall process is designed to provide a check on the sovereign power of elected officials.

What is a California recall?

California recall history. The movement in California was spearheaded by Republican then-Governor Hiram Johnson, a reformist, who called the recall process a "precautionary measure by which a recalcitrant official can be removed.". No illegality has to be committed by politicians in order for them to be recalled.

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