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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best newsletter format?

Newsletters can be produced in several formats. For businesses, the most economical and most readily acceptable newsletter formats are plain text emails, HTML emails, HTML pages on your website, PDFs, and printed documents.

What are the sections of a newsletter?

Just as a newspaper contains different sections, your newsletter should incorporate similar sections such as a response section, letters to the editor, industry news, and featured articles. Include tips or customer reviews within boxes to break up the layout .

What is a corporate newsletter?

Company newsletters include periodic updates, news, promotions and events communicated in print or electronic form. While newsletters are useful in getting attention from prospects, their primary importance is in maintaining ongoing connections with contacts and existing customers.

What is a community newsletter?

Community Newsletter. Boulder's award-winning community newsletter is dedicated to keeping residents informed about the myriad projects and plans happening every day, and to do it in a clear and compelling fashion. Quite simply, the city intends that the newsletter be worthy of those who live here and to be creative and progressive in its approach.

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