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Frequently Asked Questions

Which image format is best for email newsletters?

JPG or JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group): This format is a standard for Internet and e-mail images, and it works well for most images. GIF (Graphics Interchange Format): This format is best for images with only a few colors.

What are the sections of a newsletter?

Just as a newspaper contains different sections, your newsletter should incorporate similar sections such as a response section, letters to the editor, industry news, and featured articles. Include tips or customer reviews within boxes to break up the layout .

What is a community newsletter?

Community Newsletter. Boulder's award-winning community newsletter is dedicated to keeping residents informed about the myriad projects and plans happening every day, and to do it in a clear and compelling fashion. Quite simply, the city intends that the newsletter be worthy of those who live here and to be creative and progressive in its approach.

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