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Frequently Asked Questions

How many newsletter background images are available royalty-free?

440,957 newsletter background stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

How can I reduce the size of my newsletter image?

When you have a .png or .jpg file, you can reduce the image size with an online tool like The quality loss is often unnoticeable. This makes sure you don't take up much of your reader's data. Be aware that your newsletter image shouldn’t be too long (it isn’t a web page, after all)!

Should you embed images in your email newsletters?

Seasons and festivities are excellent reasons to embed images into your email. Beauty brand RoseSkinCo celebrates the 4th July by giving their email newsletter an American touch—featuring someone holding up the stars and stripes! A well-timed seasonal email will resonate with subscribers, and ramp up engagement in the process. 6.

Why is my email newsletter getting clipped in Gmail?

Though reducing image sizes is a good practice to reduce data usage for readers, it doesn't solve things when your newsletter gets clipped in Gmail. When this happens to your email, you'll have to delete images or elements to make your email shorter, as the clipping is caused by the email's length.

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