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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an email newsletter?

Steps Open a new Publisher document and select Email from the Publication Types menu in the panel on the left to display the Email Templates menu. Select a template for the email newsletter. Customize the color scheme. Choose a custom font for the email newsletter.

How do I create a newsletter template?

Click the "File" menu and select "Save As" when you're finished creating the template. Select "Computer" and then navigate to the "Custom Office Templates" folder in your Documents folder. Click the "Save As Type" menu and select "Word Template (*.dotx).". Type "Newsletter" in the File Name field and click "OK.".

How to design beautiful email newsletters?

Email Design: Six Strategies on How to Create Beautiful Newsletters Utilize Color Gradients. One of the most effective ways to grab the audience nowadays is to use a gradient. ... Animate Your Emails. The modern digital world is fueled by animation. ... Use Color Blocking for Better Readability. ... Focus on Simplicity. ... Make Your Content Shine. ... Experiment with Color Pallets. ...

What to put in your email newsletters?

What to Put in Your Email Newsletters Email Newsletter Basics. All in all, your email newsletter should be brief but have value, and should leave your readers wanting more. Company News. Readers appreciate being kept in the loop. ... Blog Posts. ... Events & Recaps. ... Upcoming Promotions and Subscriber Exclusive Deals. ... Links and Calls To Action. ... Other Content to Put in Your Email Newsletters. ...

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