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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Newsela for students?

Newsela is an online news platform that offers current event articles at differentiated reading levels for students from elementary to high school. The program was developed in 2013 to help students master the reading and critical thinking that are required in subject area literacy as outlined in the Common Core State Standards.

What is a text set in Newsela?

Newsela Text Sets. Newsela launched "Text Set", a collaborative feature that organizes Newsela articles into collections that share a common theme, topic, or standard: "Text Sets allow educators to contribute and leverage collections of articles to and from a global community of fellow educators.".

What grade level can read Newsela articles?

The Cato Institute, The Marshall Project, Associated Press, Smithsonian, and Scientific American, The staffers at Newsela rewrite each news article so that it can be read at five (5) different reading levels, from elementary school reading levels as low as grade 3 to maximum reading levels in grade 12.

What types of sources are covered in Newsela social studies?

We cover primary sources, U.S. founding documents and Supreme Court cases, biographies, op-eds, and more. See some examples of the types of content included with Newsela Social Studies below.

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