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Frequently Asked Questions

What is News4Jax weather department?

News4Jax weather department is known to have a stronghold in the entire Jacksonville area. The public turns to WJXT News whenever they want to know about the current weather conditions in the region.

Who is the meteorologist at News4Jax?

In November 2017, Uliano found a job position at News4Jax as a full-time meteorologist, and currently, she is serving the Jacksonville community with her years of knowledge of the weather. Richard serves the News4Jax weather team as the Morning Meteorologist who provides weather forecast of the day in the channel’s Morning Program.

What is the News4Jax insider?

The station’s News4jax insider is a membership service bringing the community into the process of news gathering. It includes Talk to us, support, offers, access, and weather+.

When did newsnews4jax live first go on air?

News4jax Live first hit the air for on 15 Sep 1949 as WMBR-TV. It was the 2nd TV channel in the Florida market to sign on and the first to be licensed outside the Miami region.

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