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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jacksonville ready for Tropical Storm Elsa?

With Tropical Storm Elsa looming in the Atlantic, News4Jax turned to experts for tips on how to properly secure boats ahead of a storm. Elsa could be the first major storm this season for the Jacksonville area and city crews are preparing the known flood-prone areas the best they can.

What is Hurricane Elsa?

Elsa is the season’s fifth named storm and the first Atlantic hurricane of 2021. Stay tuned to The Weather Authority so you won’t be caught by surprise when Elsa impacts our area later today and on Wednesday.

Is tropical storm Elsa still in Cuba?

Tropical Storm Elsa emerged from Cuba largely intact Monday night. The storm made landfall on the southern coast of Cuba early Monday afternoon and initially dropped back to 50 mph winds near the center, but it restrengthened overnight. Strengthening over the Gulf of Mexico should be limited by unfavorable westerly shear.

Will hurricane Elsa hit Florida’s Big Bend?

Slow strengthening is forecast through Tuesday night and Elsa is expected to reach hurricane strength before it makes landfall in Florida’s Big Bend on Wednesday. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has declared a state of emergency in a dozen counties, including Alachua and Columbia.

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