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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you report on Roblox?

If another player is breaking ROBLOX rules use the Report Abuse buttons located throughout the site and in the Report tab of every game menu. When inside games, you can still report a player even if they log off. Just put their username in the 'Comments' box that appears when you click Report Abuse.

Did Roblox just update?

The Roblox mobile app, whether on iOS or Android, should update automatically as long as you are connected to wifi. You can always check if it’s pending an update by heading to Google Play or the App Store, where it gives you the option to update or show an update progress bar. If you’re an iOS user, you can sometimes be caught in an update loop.

Is Roblox updating right now?

To date, Roblox stock is up 20% since its IPO. As for what’s going on, that’s anyone’s guess, as even the game’s status pages are down and can no longer be updated, so all we get are tweets like the one above.

Why was Roblox down?

Roblox is currently down due to an internal systems error, although the developers say they are "working hard" to get it working again. Roblox players started noticing that the game had gone down earlier today and started mass Tweeting "#Robloxdown" to get the attention of the developers.

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