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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true Russia is planning an invasion of Ukraine?

Russia has repeatedly denied it is planning an invasion but has argued that NATO support for Ukraine -- including increased weapons supplies and military training -- constitutes a growing threat on its western flank.

Is there a military build up in Ukraine?

Kyiv-Russia and NATO are continuing their military buildup around Ukraine, including more Russian fighter jets just across Ukraine's northern border in Belarus. Russia's ongoing military exercises with its Belarusian allies have fueled fears that Russia could launch an invasion into Ukraine, as it did in 2014.

Who is the president of Russia and Ukraine?

The tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to rise as President Vladimir Putinhas placed more than 100,000 troops along the border, but telltale signs of invasion preparation have not yet been seen from the Russian armed forces.

How many Russian troops are on the border of Ukraine?

Russia has moved about 100,000 troops-equipped with everything from tanks and artillery to ammunition and air power-to Ukraine's border but denies it is planning an invasion.

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