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Frequently Asked Questions

Does New York Times have a new game called tiles?

Today, New York Times released a new mobile game called Tiles, and it's perfect antidote to the never-ending increase of info that, yes, Times is in charge of.

What is tiles?

Developed by Times' Games Expansions Team, Tiles is bid to draw in more customers for its crossword problem and various other games.

What is tiles in monopoly?

On the surface, Tiles is a simple matching game in which you try to get the shortest "combo" possible while still achieving a "perfect game," which requires never breaking a matching streak.

How many tiles do you need to play tiles?

The Times' television critic and Tiles proselytizer Margaret Lyons reports that the lowest achievable combo is theoretically 15, although that would require every tile to be an exact match — unlikely, since the pattern shuffles are randomized. At risk of saying too much, though, let me add that Tiles is best enjoyed by embracing its learning curve.

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