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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to be New York Times best seller?

How Many Sales Does It Take to Become a New York Times Bestseller? If you want a realistic shot to become a bestseller, you must sell at least 5,000 - 10,000 copies in one week. The necessary amount fluctuates based on the level of competition and the number of new releases during each week.

Where to buy NYTimes?

Don’t forget to check convenience stores, when looking to buy The New York Times. Depending upon what names are popular where you live, Wawa, 7-11, A-Plus Mini Mart, Turkey Hill, Kwik Stop, Convenient Food Mart, Sheetz, and Royal Farms are great options to find newspapers.

What is the best selling car in New York?

Although the Ford F-Series pickup is the best selling vehicle in 35 states, that's not the case here in New York. You may have guessed by seeing what's on the roads that the Honda Accord is the king of the road in the Empire State.

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