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Frequently Asked Questions

What is March Madness bracket?

A March Madness bracket, as it’s known, lays out the entire NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament from the first round to the final. All 64 teams are matched up based on seeds from 1-16 in four different regions. Each game is single-elimination with only the winners advancing to the next round.

What are the lines in basketball?

The baseline is the line beneath both baskets that designates the "out of bounds" line at each end of the court. This is another basketball term with multiple names and is also known as the endline or baseline. Comments. Nobody has commented on this tip yet.

What is NCAA 1?

NCAA Division 1 is known for having the highest level of competition and the best athletes in all of the NCAA divisions. Generally, Division I schools have the biggest student bodies, the largest athletic department budgets, and the most athletic scholarships for their student-athletes. In NCAA Division I,...

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