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Frequently Asked Questions

How many college teams are in the NCAA?

NCAA has 32 division and 345 teams in Division I. It was 31 divisions for most years but now a new conference called Great West Conference raised the number to 32. There are four independent schools’ teams. There are also Division II and Division III.

When are baseball Super Regionals?

The NCAA Baseball Super Regionals take place in June every season and are made up of the 16 remaining teams on the college baseball landscape after the regional round. There are eight different Super Regionals consisting of two teams each, where the top seed in each hosts the best-of-three series.

How many NCAA Division 1 baseball teams are there?

The following is a list of schools that participate in NCAA Division I baseball. In the 2019 season, 297 Division I schools competed. These teams compete to go the 64-team Division I baseball tournament and then to Omaha, Nebraska, and TD Ameritrade Park, for the eight-team College World Series (CWS).

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