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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NCAA scholarship?

The NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship is a one time award of $7,500. The postgraduate scholarship is not specific to football, and may be applied to any NCAA regulated sport. 174 scholarships are awarded annually, divided equally between male and female student athletes.

What are some examples of academic honors?

Here are more examples: Academic awards. National Merit Award, or National Merit Commended Scholar. President’s Award. National Honor Society or subject-based honor society. Note: Honor societies could be considered honors or If you held a leadership position and have room in your activities section, place it there.

What are honors related to your academic achievements?

The academic honors can be represented in the educational section or can be listed under different category. Honors and awards are the great ways of expressing the important achievements and recognitions given to you by your past employers. Mostly, your resume is a subjective representation of your skills and abilities.

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