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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ncncaa’s new constitution mean for college sports?

NCAA President Mark Emmert said in his state of college sports address the new constitution was more of a “declaration of independence” that will allow each of the association’s three divisions to govern itself.

How did the NCAA ratify the new constitution?

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — NCAA member schools voted to ratify a new, pared-down constitution Thursday, paving the way for a decentralized approach to governing college sports that will hand more power to schools and conferences. The vote was overwhelmingly in favor, 801-195, and was the main order of business at the NCAA’s annual convention.

Will NCAA make changes to athletic scholarships for Division II and III?

For Division II and III, where there are no athletic scholarships, there will be little if any change, though most of the dissenting voices during the NCAA’s open forum that preceded the full membership vote came from those ranks.

What does the NCAA’s new governance model mean for college sports?

The move is just part of a sea change for the NCAA and the first major shift in its governance model since 1996. It comes with the hope that it will reduce college sports’ exposure to legal challenges after a resounding rebuke from the Supreme Court last spring.

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