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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get free copy of my divorce papers?

Copies of a divorce decree may be found at the court clerk's office, at the county or state records department or with the attorney involved in processing the divorce. LegalZoom acknowledges that divorce decrees can sometimes be found online, but Internet sites offering this type of service typically charge a fee.

How do you get copy of your divorce papers?

Individuals seeking a copy of divorce papers need to apply to the vital statistics office in the state where the divorce was granted. A request for a copy of a divorce can be made by phone, online, by mail, and in person.

How do you file for legal separation in NC?

In summary, to be legally separated in North Carolina you do not have to file or sign any type of paperwork. You simply stop living under the same roof. Living in different rooms in the same house does not count as being legally separated. You also do not have to sign and file a separation agreement, although it is usually a good idea.

How do you divorce in NC?

Divorce Forms. Your divorce filing in North Carolina must include a complaint, a summons, and a Domestic Civil Action Cover Sheet along with the fee-waiver petition if applicable. The divorce complaint includes your request for a divorce, the grounds for the request, and information about you and your spouse.

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