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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to downtown Tokyo from Narita Airport?

Take the Keisei Skyliner for quick, comfortable access to downtown Tokyo from Narita Airport The Keisei Skyliner is a high speed train that operates between Narita Airport and Ueno that offers comfortable passenger interiors.

What time does the Keisei Skyliner train depart from Narita Airport?

The last Keisei Skyliner train departs from Ueno station at 18:20 and arrives at Narita Airport at 19:06. From Narita Airport the fist train departs at 7:26 and arrives at Keisei Ueno station at 8:27.

How long is the train ride from Ueno to Narita Airport?

The journey time from Ueno to Narita is 41 minutes, and from Nippori to Narita it is just 36 minutes, which makes this the fastest rail service available between central Tokyo and the airport.

How does skyskyliner work in Japan?

Skyliner provides a non-stop service to Nippori Station, which offers easy connections to JR lines, as well as stopping at Ueno in the heart of downtown Tokyo. With 3 services running each hour, discover the convenience and comfort of one of Japan's fastest trains and start your Japan journey in the best possible way!

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