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Frequently Asked Questions

How can nanotechnology be combined with the IoT?

The second area where nanotechnology can be combined with the IoT is in the creation of a physical network, composed of nanomaterials that facilitates the exchange of data through different components communicating with each other at the nano level. This is known as the Internet of Nano Things (IoNT).

What is the Internet of nano things?

This is known as the Internet of Nano Things (IoNT). In terms of development, it is not yet at the level of other IoT systems, but it is attracting interest from the communication and medical sectors.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things (IoT), built from inexpensive microsensors and microprocessors paired with tiny power supplies and wireless antennas, is rapidly expanding the online universe from computers and mobile gadgets to ordinary pieces of the physical world: thermostats, cars, door locks, even pet trackers.

What is nanotechnology and how does it work?

The Nanotechnology provides intelligent solutions in many areas such as biomedical, industrial and military fields as well as in consumer and industrial goods. It is the ability to engineering the functional systems at the nano scale – the particles at the molecular level.

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