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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the possible dangers of nanotechnology?

Additional potential dangers of molecular nanotechnology threaten the economy, environment, human rights, and world peace. The rush to gain supremacy through nanoweaponry could lead to a new arms race, while attempts to stranglehold the technology would likely result in independent, covert development.

Why is nanotechnology so important?

Nanotechnology is very essential to the potential invention of medical nanorobots. Studies about nanorobots showed that these are smaller than cell. Nanorobots have the capabilities to clean the arteries and remove harmful bacteria from the human body.

What products use nanotechnology?

Consumer Products. Another common use of nanotech is using silver nanoparticles in personal care products. The silver nanoparticles are very effective at breaking down and killing bacteria. The particles are used throughout the world to maintain cleanliness in body care products such as hair brushes, tooth brushes, electric razors, hair dryers,...

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