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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular trees in Tennessee?

The fast growing Royal Empress, colorful Purple Crape Myrtle and the Ginkgo (with its impressive lineage as one of the oldest trees on the planet), are among the most popular trees with Nature Hills Nursery’s Tennessee guests. The root-beer scented Sassafras Tree also maintains its favored status with Tennesseans.

What are the native trees in Tennessee?

Black Oak. The Black Oak is native to Tennessee. Plant it where you have a large span of land, especially if it is hilly, that requires a prominent tree. This tree can grow up to and over 50 feet in height, sometimes to 80 feet. It has a spread of up to 50 feet, so be wary of spacing plants needing sunshine around it.

What trees are indigenous to Tennessee?

Pecan trees are native to west Tennessee, although the University of Tennessee Herbarium finds pecan trees thriving in several east Tennessee counties as well, including Hancock, Blount, Marion and Sevier. Which variety to plant depends on where you live in the state.

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